10% of proceeds go to "The Place Where The Lord Provide Youth Group Center " and 10% will go to Hayes Mission School in West Africa

About us

 La'Breah's love for fashion started at a young age when she would wear her older brother's shoes. Known as the athletics, artistic girl with the nice shoes.  She started designing t-shirts as well as other graphic designing services in high after taking a commercial art class creating custom t-shirts and hoodies for the kids in her high school. Raised up in church, she soon felt lead to start her own clothing brand dedicated to spreading the word of God, using the gifts he given her. She later partnered with Ashanti Patmon, a friend and classmate from high and one of her older Brothers Jecquin Hilton who were also raised in church and had the same vision. From there they started producing t-shirts from La'Breah apartment to the basement of a friend's house. Later they moved to a shed and now CLSB Shoes & Apparel Launched their grand opening for their first store front on November 12, 2022

20% of every purchase get's donated!! 

With every purchase you make 10% of the proceed goes to The Place where the Lord Provide  for the youth group program where La'Breah and Jecquin have been attending since  a very Young age. The Place where the Lord Provide youth group teaches children the importance of having a relationship Jesus Christ. Why we need to learn and understanding the meaning of scriptures and how to study the bible all while having fun in the presence of our almighty God.


With every purchase you make an additional 10% of the proceed goes Hayes Mission in Liberia west Africa where Ashanti is a descendant from. He is a first generation American. Hayes Mission teaches kids in west Africa about Jesus Christ while also given them an education.



“Striving for excellent customer experience  and confidence to shop with us again. We offer affordable fashion, inspiration and custom service needs to customers all over the world.  While Spreading the word of God with one soul at a time.  




Is to provide affordable fashion and creative services to everybody united in Christ. To Inspire and spread the word of God around the world through creative, groundbreaking , products.  Our passion is driven by love , faith, and belief in the one and only Jesus Christ. We aim to bring  confidence, love, and happiness to  our communities and to the world. For the world was created from a vision, God’s vision. Which we stand for.




  • Building Faith
  • Spreading the word of God
  • Inspiring generations to come
  • Saving one soul at time
  • Making fashion Affordable
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Create the Impossible
  • Turning Dreams into reality
  • To help others



“If you are alive  then you have a soul”